Guidance Counselors

High schools can begin nominating on our website in late November. Please see the Schools tab to nominate!

Our Mission: 

  • To identify outstanding high school sophomores throughout Wisconsin for being responsible citizens in their community and/or school and provide them with the opportunity and encouragement to recognize their leadership potential.
  • We fulfill this mission through an annual 3-day leadership seminar encouraging leadership development through emphasis on personal responsibility, service/volunteerism, diversity, and open-minded analysis of all sides of an issue to make sound decisions. The seminar is held at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater in Whitewater, WI and is offered at no charge to the schools or students.
  • The mission is carried on throughout the year and into future seminars through our Alumni Association. The alumni hold reunions and perform community service several times between each seminar in order to maintain the WILS spirit and to continue friendship.

What’s New?

  • WILS is now taking online nominations from schools!
  • WILS won the contest to get $10,000 worth of custom merchandise!
  • WILS hosted the 2014 Seminar at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater on June 13-15th 2014.
  • If you are an alumni and not receiving our emails click here. Visit our Alumni page for updates!


  • WILS is involved with a number of programs that allow you to support WILS with donations through purchases you are already making –there are no extra items to purchase and no cost to you! Let the money you are already spending work for you to sponsor more young leaders to attend WILS. Visit our Donate page for more information on the various programs!
wils_shirtAttention guidance counselors! We are now accepting nominations for the 2015 Seminar.   Nominate Now!