40 for 40 Campaign – Help us celebrate our 40th FREE seminar by sponsoring 40 student leaders!

We are excited for our third annual Alumni FUNdraising Drive and invite you to help sponsor our next generation of amazing young leaders! Our goal is to raise $8,000 by December 1st to sponsor 40 outstanding and deserving students for our 2017 seminar. We encourage and welcome all contribution amounts – every dollar makes a difference.

All donors will receive recognition in our 2017 seminar program Booklet and on our social media sites.

$10 – Sponsor a leader’s seminar T-Shirt

$25 – Sponsor a leader’s lodging for the seminar

$50 – Sponsor a portion of the transportation & supply costs for our volunteer service activities

  • Donations of $50 receive a 3”x5” WILS removable oval bumper sticker

$100 – Sponsor a leader’s lodging & meals for the seminar

  • Donations of $100 receive a handwritten thank you letter from your sponsored leader & a 3”x5” WILS removable oval bumper sticker.

$200 – Provide a full sponsorship to cover all of the seminar costs for a leader

  • Donations of $200 receive a 2017 Seminar T-Shirt, a handwritten thank you letter from your sponsored leader, and a 3”x5” WILS removable oval bumper sticker.

You can donate online or mail your check made payable to WILS to:

PO Box 237
Milwaukee, WI 53201-0237

WILS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible.

More Information.

This is an amazing time to take pride in being a WILS alumni:
• We continue to provide a FREE annual seminar to 250 amazing young leaders that focuses on responsibility, service, inclusiveness, and decision making. 40 years strong!
• Our organization volunteered over 1,600 hours together at our WILS evetns in our communities last year.
• Our alumni are holding multiple reunions each year where they continue to build their leadership skills, cultivate lifelong friendships, and fundraise to provide college scholarships to their most outstanding members and sponsorships to incoming students. They awarded $2000 in college scholarships to their peers last year!
• To better serve the ongoing development of our alumni, we now provide full sponsorships for our low income alumni to attend WILS reunions.
• All of these remarkable achievements continue to be accomplished 100% by dedicated passionate volunteers. We had over 130 volunteers donate over 10,000 hours of their time to make the seminar possible last year. That is quite a feat!
• Planning is well underway for our 40th annual leadership seminar to be held June 9-11, 2017 at UW-Whitewater. Be a part of it with your support!

To keep this momentum going, we need your continued support. Our goal is to raise $8,000 from our alumni; that’s sponsorships for 40 amazing young leaders, by December 1st.

WILS means something different to every one of us. What started out for all of us as a 3 day seminar lead not only to huge strides in our self-confidence and leadership abilities and the building of a support network of hundreds of some of the most loving and inspiring people we know but also to hilarious memories of road trips across the state and late night shenanigans at reunions, forging friendships with people who you knew would always be there for you no matter what time of the day or night, an eternity of the best hugs a person could imagine especially after months apart, freaking out at track meets or in a grocery store when you see someone sporting WILS attire, finding your college roommates among our crazy alumni, inside jokes to last a lifetime, and having the opportunity to invite more extraordinary leaders into our WILS family each year and help them grow.

All of this is possible because of the generous support of our proud alumni and community partners. We want to ensure that thousands of young leaders like us have this opportunity for years to come. We want more and more leaders at every seminar to know that our alumni stand behind them and support them. With the financial situations that many families face and the increasing costs of living, having free opportunities for these deserving teens is crucial. Now, more than ever, we want you to show these young leaders that you believe in them and help them on their path to becoming strong inspirational leaders in their schools and communities. How incredible would it be to see our seminar program booklet donor recognition page filled alumni names and for the next generation of young leaders to know that someone who experienced WILS believed in them enough to make it possible for them to engage in same experience?

Help us make our third annual WILS Alumni FUNdraising drive a resounding success. Participation matters and is meaningful at whatever level fits your life whether it is $10 or $500. Let’s work together to make this year our biggest year ever for alumni donations!

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Thank you to our donors!

Sarah & Brian Perkins Simmons
Kathy Perkins
Beth Huesa
Cassie Kriefall
Samantha & Nick Glaser
Shannon Clark
Maxwell Herbert
Angela WellSmith
Riya Talwar
Riley Bruemmer
Sarah Hawkins-Podboy
Tina Matic
Dena Peroceschi-Sprain
Dan & Christina Kender
Stefanie (Weber) Sladky
Amy Bastian
Derek Johnson
Amy Skupien
Josh & Ashley Koon
Rose Wasielewski
Brandon Wilbrandt
Louann Hausner
Hannah Erdman
Hailey Erdman
Sonja Weiskircher
Jessica Gallo
Hanna Wienke
Erik Holzhuter
Stephanie Zellner
Andy Miller
Greg Liebergen
Nate Schumacher
Rachel Jeske
Ryan Gries
Amy Deneson
Nic & Eva Kender
Tracy Jenks
Lee & Lois Wicker
Samantha Zellner
Rhonda Noldner
Dorothy McCullough Pepper
Patricia McCullough
Kelly Schmidt
Leah Arndt
Maggie Hankerd
Minh Nguyen
Amy Holzhauer
Christopher & Megan Westphal
Emily Majusiak
Jesse Braun
Christine McNeil
Jared Clarkin
Becky Rupel
Chris Natynski
Megan Timm
Dana Aschaker
John Faulhaber
Heidi Boyd
Mike Fields
Brenda Steele
Nick Moen
Sharon Westphal
Taylor Lechler
Bob Wangard
Star Simmons
Chris & Janine Lisser
Cassie Jones
Lauren Harpke
Amy Beres
Erin Yerra
Kate Kroll
Sean-Patrick Oswald
Peggy Schneider
Pieter Lens
Megan Dowd
Lisa Le Strom
Amy & Tony White
Zach Wenninger
Rachel Van’t Land & Gary Genett
Steve Stangel
Alissa Quade Bubb
Marcia Harr Bailey

3rd Annual WILS FUNdraising Drive
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