Alumni Association Board

Hey WILS! My name is Taylor Bould and I am President of the Alumni Association Board. I’m from Grafton High School and I first attended seminar in 2014. I credit much of my confidence and outgoing personality to WILS and the incredible people I have met through it. WILS is where I thrive! I love to dance and sing to pretty much any song during any time of day— although I have no talent in either activity. I currently attend The University of Wisconsin Madison and I plan on majoring in Management and Marketing . I love music (especially musicals, Ed Sheeran, and Flume), I love hanging with my friends, I love snuggling with my dog Sandy, and I love being outdoors doing activities like skiing, hammocking, hiking, or hanging on a boat. If I were a type of potato I would be tater tot coins.


What’s up home skillet?! My name is Zainab Manzoor, but you can call me Zain. This year, I am honored to be the Vice President for the 2018 Alumni Association Board! I’m from Grafton High School and attended my seminar in 2015. WILS is such an inspiration for me and has done so much for my confidence and personality, I’m so excited to continue to contribute! So many of my best friends are WILS’ers. I currently attend The University of Wisconsin Madison and I plan on majoring in International Studies and Pre-Med, as well as a minor in Global Health. My ultimate goal is to be a clinical researcher in Infectious Diseases. My favorite things include: mangoes, sushi, kpop, kdramas, watching vine compilations (rip vine, but hello vine 2.0), my cats, art- I can’t live without my sketchbook, and taking long, very long, naps. If I were a potato I would be the Sweet Potato Fries from Culvers.

What’s good?! My name is Bella Buscemi and I am the Secretary of the Alumni Association Board. I am from Lake Mills High School and I attended seminar in 2016. I am the type of person that breaks out into song and dance more often than not, especially when songs from musicals are playing. I love everything to do with musicals, being on stage, behind the scenes, or in a theater. I have been in every theater production my high school has put on. This is why I am actively pursuing a career in Stage Management. I have applied to multiple schools that all offer a BFA in Stage Management. I have no idea where I’m going to college because acceptance letters don’t come out for a while, but I’m excited to see where I end up. In addition to theatre, I participate in multiple clubs within my school including Forensics, Interact Club, Show Choir, NHS, and Tri-M Music Honors Society. I love being involved and helping people. WILS has given me so much and I am filled with joy and gratitude to be a part of this amazing board! If I were a potato I would be a well seasoned roasted sweet potato.

Hello everyone! My name is Sara Pabich and I am the Treasurer on the Alumni Association Board this year. I’m from a current senior Sturgeon Bay High School and I attend WILS Seminar in 2016. One of the reasons I ran for a position on the Alumni Association Board was because of all the supportive individuals that have become my long term friends through WILS. Recently, I accepted admission into UW-Madison where I hope to study Public/ Global Health. When I attended a Pre-College Program, I learned more about Medical Careers specifically in Global Health. At school I am involved in HOSA and “A”-Team, a club that aids students with disabilities in the classroom and around school. In my free time, I love jamming out to pretty much any kind of music along with hanging out with my friends. Since I live in Door County, I take advantage of nice State Parks by going swimming, hiking or biking on the trails. If I were a potato, I would be a McDonalds french fry because despite the unhealthiness they are the best french fries ever.

Hello! My name is Ben Villnow and I am the First Year Liaison on the Alumni Association Board.  I am a 17’er from Amherst. I am so thankful that I got the opportunity to attend WILS as I have made so many new friends and experiences through this wonderful organization. I have a passion for leadership and education. I am the Executive Vice President of my Student Council, I have been the Secretary of FBLA since Freshman year, and I helped create a GSA in my high school. I am also in NHS, Art Club, Spanish Club, Forensics, Band, Choir and Chamber Choir. I am looking to pursue a career in Instrumental Music Education or Graphic Design. I am a huge technology nerd. I have taken all the media classes at my high school and have a collection of cameras. Some quick fun facts, I can play 14 different instruments. I know, I’m a crazy person, and I love listening to music and almost always have my Spotify available. If I were a potato, I would be a Golden Russet Potato.

Hi friends! My name is Rachel Hietpas and I am one of the Members at Large for the Alumni Association Board this year! I attended seminar in 2015 and graduated from Kaukauna High School in 2017. I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin Madison studying Political Science and Economics. Some of my favorite things include naps, chocolate chip pancakes, historical landmarks, museums, fuzzy socks, and the friends I have made through WILS. I am so incredibly thankful that I received the opportunity to attend seminar and grow as a leader, as well as an individual. If I were a potato I would be a curly fry because I have eaten my body weight in them… and my mom always says, “You are what you eat!”

Heyo WILS!!! My name is Nathan Plym (or Nate, whatever floats your boat, and that’s trademarked), and I am one of your Members at Large for the 2018 Alumni Association Board! I am a 16’er from Peshtigo, Wisconsin. Here’s what you need to know about me! I’m a very very very social person and absolutely love meeting new people. I will be attending the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in the fall of 2018 and will be majoring in secondary education and possibly something with performing art as a minor. Some of my interests include singing, acting, and dancing (I loooove choreographing songs), volleyball (definitely going to be playing intramural in college), drawing, and meeting new people. I’m involved in Healthy Youth Coalition, Student Council, Northern Fire Show Choir, and many other organizations. Last year, I was your First Year Liaison, and this year I am one of your Members at Large! If I was any type of potato, I’d be a waffle fry. No need to really explain why, other than the fact that waffle fries are super fun and everyone loves them. Go WILS!!!

What’s Popping? My name is Ian Bould and I am thrilled to be serving as the Alumni Association Public Relations Director this year. I’m from Grafton, Wisconsin and I attended my WILS Seminar in 2016. One thing everyone needs to know about me is that I’m a musical enthusiast so please feel free to come up to me and start singing any musical (I can’t actually sing so.. rip). I’m excited to say that this year I will be attending UW-Madison to hopefully double major in Information Systems and Marketing. Some of my favorite things besides musicals are soccer, track & field, movies, Harry Potter, dogs, and Life Is Good. Fun fact: I love Ruffles and sour cream. No, not sour cream and onion Ruffles, I like a bag of Ruffles and a tub of sour cream. If I were a potato I would be kettled cooked potato chips (or Ruffles).

Waddup! My name is Irisema Ramirez, but you can call me Iris and I am this year’s Media Coordinator on the Alumni Association Board. My role at seminar is to record the entire weekend for years of memorable enjoyment to come. I am a 17’er from Milwaukee, and attend DSHA, an all girls high school in Milwaukee. Between bouncing between extracurriculars, playing sports, and playing in two bands at the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra I hold a pretty busy schedule. However, I always make time for the greatness that is WILS. I enjoy listening to smooth jazz, playing music with friends, making cool art, and taking photos with my friends. My favorite ice cream flavor is mint…because I’m a chill person 😉 Some of my favorite things include: my beautiful cross country team, my cat bubba, my guitar, and the smell of rain. My favorite form of the potato is the tater tot because they’re cute.