Alumni Association Board

Hi everybody, my name is Maggie (The Tank) Erdman and I am the Alumni Board President this year. I am from Jefferson, WI and I attend seminar in 2013. I currently attend Carroll University where I am studying History for Secondary Education, at Carroll I also play softball. I have always wanted to make a difference in every life I come across and there is no better place then WILS, and being President I hope to make a difference on as many student leaders coming in this year. This year’s board is destined to do amazing things this year, it is full of fabulous, fearless, dedicated WILSers that want to actively be the change in WILS, and I am fully confident that this year will be amazing. I love WILS with all my heart and can’t wait to see this year unfold. Some fun facts about me are; yes I am a tank. I try and be funny. I am not as intimidating as I come off at seminar. I like softball a lot. I try to workout once a month. If I was Crayola Crayon I would be Purple Pizzazz.

Hey WILS! My name is Taylor Bould and I am Vice President of the AA board. I’m from Grafton High School and I first attended seminar in 2014. I credit much of my confidence and outgoing personality to WILS and the incredible people I have met through it. WILS is where I thrive! I love to dance (aka dab/whip) and sing to pretty much any song during any time of day— although I have no talent in either activity. I currently attend The University of Wisconsin Madison and I plan on majoring in Management and HR. In my free time I love to hang with friends, ski, work backstage on theatre productions, play soccer, and snuggle with my dog. If I were a Crayola Crayon Color I would totally be Shamrock.

Hello, my name is Shane Murphy-Pociask. I am a Sophomore Biochemistry Pre-Health Major at Carroll University. I am a competitive swimmer, choir singer, and curler (sliding rocks on ice) at Carroll University. I am your treasurer and have always had a passion for money since I was younger. When I was five years old I wanted the newest Gameboy, only to realize my problem was that I needed money to get the newest Gameboy. I saved up my money until I could finally afford it. To this day I still spend most of my saved money on video games (and tuition). I digress, I want WILS to have sufficient funds to support as many Student Leaders and Scholarships as possible. Finally, if I were a Crayola crayon I would be Cyber Grape.

Hello everyone! My name is Zainab Manzoor, but you can call me Zain. This year, I am honored to be the Secretary for the 2017 AA Board! I’m currently at Grafton High School, and attended my seminar in 2015. I am doing quite a lot this year- President of Student Council, Secretary of HOSA, Cyrano in the play Cyrano de Bergerac, intern at St. Luke’s for Infectious Diseases, and graduating High School! I plan to go into pre-med, and eventually I would love to go into Medical School to reach my dream job of being an Infectious Disease Physician. WILS is such an inspiration for me, and I’m so excited to continue to contribute! So many of my best friends are WILSers. My favorite things include: mangoes, sushi, kpop, kdramas, my cats- Sofi and Lily, languages, Disney (let’s talk about Moana for a second), art- I can’t live without my sketchbook, and taking long, very long, naps (thank you, Lindsay Jost, for trying to wake me up all the time). If I were a Crayola crayon color I would be Fuzzy Wuzzy Brown.
Hey everyone! My name is Lucie Nezbed and I am currently Member at Large on the WILS AA Board for the year 2017. I am very excited to be holding this position. WILS has given me so much and I am honored to be giving back. I am from Green Bay, WI and went to high school at Bay Port, attending seminar in 2013. I am in my second year of college studying dental hygiene part time. I also then work part time (and full time when I have college breaks) as an orthodontic dental assistant. I am obsessed with teeth and have been set on my decision to become a dental hygienist since the 4th grade. I am always doing something whether it’s working, singing, running 10 miles, or playing with my 3 cats. I have ran 3 half marathons and am currently training for my fourth one for May 2017. I also love to sing and have participated in various events where I have sang, such as weddings…(so if you plan to get married soon I’m your girl.) My WILS related goal this year is to raise lots and lots of money for WILS. Finally, if I were a crayola crayon color I would be macaroni and cheese.
Hey! My name is Nathan (or Nate, whatever floats your boat, and that’s trademarked) Plym. I’m a junior at Peshtigo High School and I’m your first year liaison! Basically, I’m the social butterfly of the AA board. I’m someone the new kids can ask questions they have about the Alumni Association and I try to convince to come back. Other than being a leader, I’m also a huge performing arts nerd. I sing, act, dance, the whole shebang. Fun fact: I can get both legs above my head, so come time for the dance, you know I’ll be out there killing it. I am the president of the junior class, Healthy Youth Coalition and Student Council. I really like volleyball and being around other people in almost any setting. Also, if I were one kind of crayola crayon, I’d be “Razzmatazz.”

Hey everyone! My name is Lindsay Jost and I am so excited to be serving as the AA Public Relations Director this year. I’m from Kettle Moraine High School in Delafield, Wisconsin and attended my WILS Seminar in 2015. This year I am the captain of my school’s Lacrosse and Field Hockey teams, and I’m also involved in National Honors Society as the Secretary, History Club as President, and Political Club. My favorite activities include playing guitar, eating sushi, and hiking with my dogs—Sophie and Lulu. I’ve recently been bingeing on Sherlock and Scandal, and on weekends you can catch me attempting (hopefully not failing) Pinterest recipes. If you want to hear a bad pun—then I’m your go to. My least favorite thing about WILS is having to wake up Zain in the morning. If I were a Crayola crayon color I would be Purple Mountains’ Majesty.

Hey Bud! My name is Adolfo Mora and I am this year’s Media Coordinator! I was first introduced to WILS two summers ago during the 2015 Seminar. My task for WILS is to record the entire weekend in order for it to remembered for years to come. I currently go to St. Lawrence Seminary near Fond du Lac but live in Milwaukee with family. At school I am finishing up my senior year. I have a pretty tight schedule with being my Student Council President and the editor of our school newspaper, but I will make time for all you wonderful people. You will see me and my minions taking pictures throughout seminar. If you see anyone slacking just let me know. If I were a Crayola Crayon color I would be Cosmic Cobalt.

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