Winter Reunion was definitely one to remember! We stayed at an awesome hotel with a sweet pool and hot tub that everyone loved. The first day we went to Wizard’s Quest which was super cool! A lot of us had a great time finding wizards and secret passage ways with our friends. We spent the rest of the night relaxing by the pool and sharing reflections. The next day we started off our morning at the Ringling Brothers Museum. It was really interesting to see where the circus originated, and it was even more interesting that it was right here in Wisconsin! After the tour we went to Our House Nursing Home and decorated cookies with some of the residents. It felt great to show these people the WILS spirit. Afterwards we got a little free time to prepare for the dance and elections, which ended up being a great night! I myself am very proud and honored to be a part of the Board. The following day we said out tearful goodbyes and all met up at the Culvers down the street. Overall I’d say the Winter was a success! Great job planning out this amazing reunion Brendan!                                                                              ~Leah Witthuhn, PR Director and 14er J


Spring Reunion                                      Seminar 2015

Details:                                                    Details:

When: March 27-29th                           Watch out!! Junior Staff Applications will be sent

Where: Green Bay, WI                           out shortly! Want to relive your glorious seminar

Total Cost: $65($35 deposit)                year but with even more fun? Apply to be a Junior

We will be going to a fantastic              Staff Member!

Gamblers games as well as a

museum tour! Turn in your deposit

by February 20th!


A letter from the President

What is motivation or how do we get motivated?

When looking at the different types of motivation, scientists have called the act of being a part of something, which is bigger than ourselves, is autonomy motivation. A prime example, one that we can all relate to, is being a part of the Wisconsin Leadership Seminars. Being a part of the Alumni Association ensures the involvement with the seminar to fulfill our goal is to better our association. It is amazing to see the how collective our ideas of can come together. Since returning to the Wisconsin Leadership Seminars, I have realized that not one person, one board, but the whole Alumni Association which includes every single person is the reason why we are able to do the things that we have and the reason why we are going to be able to continue to do.

So now I ask you, what are you going to do to be a part of that something that is bigger than ourselves. How are you going to contribute and/or what challenges are you willing to do? I challenge you to take part, no matter your current involvement. Be a part of the contribution, concur those challenges, and most importantly be a part of something that is bigger than yourself.

~Maxwell Herbert





Spring Newsletter
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