Our first ever virtual seminar will take place Friday, 5/21 – Saturday, 5/22. There will be mandatory staff activities and optional student leader activities on the evening of Thursday, 5/20. Our 2021 seminar will be offered at no cost to the students or schools as it has been for the past 44 years. In 2021 WILS will host both last year’s sophomores that were nominated for the 2020 seminar AND this year’s sophomores who will be nominated for the 2021 seminar.


Our Mission: 


  • To identify outstanding high school sophomores throughout Wisconsin for being responsible citizens in their community and/or school and provide them with the opportunity and encouragement to recognize their leadership potential.
  • We fulfill this mission through an annual 3-day leadership seminar that is provided at no cost to the students or schools. WILS encourages leadership development through emphasis on our four pillars:
    • Responsibility – Instill self-confidence and personal responsibility in leaders by guiding them to explore their personal values and develop a sense of purpose.
    • Service – Encourage leaders to volunteer their time to bring about positive change in their communities and schools.
    • Inclusiveness – Provide leaders with opportunities to engage with individuals who have diverse backgrounds, perspectives and experiences in order to explore ideas and build skills that are essential for success in our communities and in a globally-connected world.
    • Decision Making – Foster a positive, unbiased setting where leaders can practice forming opinions, making decisions, and engaging in open-minded analysis and discussion of the issues and challenges facing today’s world.
  • Upon completion of the three-day seminar, participants are invited to join the WILS Alumni Association. Through the Alumni Association, they are able to continue on a path that fosters the growth and development of their leadership skills, volunteerism, and community involvement to become successful, responsible contributors to society. Our alumni participate in leadership retreats throughout the year, perform volunteer service, interact with community leaders, and develop relationships with other ambitious individuals. As an organization WILS volunteers over 1,300 hours in our communities each year.


What’s New?


  • Check out our 2019 seminar recap video here.
  • Congratulations to our 2020 WILS Alumni Scholarship recipients – Karen Larsen, Aleezah Manzoor, Nathan Plym, Luke Tschumperlin, Ben Villnow, and Will Vraney! Each of these outstanding alumni was awarded a $500 scholarship.




  • WILS is involved with a number of programs that allow you to support WILS with donations through purchases you are already making –there are no extra items to purchase and no cost to you! Let the money you are already spending work for you to sponsor more young leaders to attend WILS. Visit our Donate page for more information on the various programs!