WILS 2021

Our first ever virtual seminar will take place Friday, 5/21 – Saturday, 5/22. There will be mandatory staff activities and optional student leader activities on the evening of Thursday, 5/20. Our 2021 seminar will be offered at no cost to the students or schools as it has been for the past 44 years. In 2021 WILS will host both last year’s sophomores that were nominated for the 2020 seminar AND this year’s sophomores who will be nominated for the 2021 seminar. Nomination emails will be sent to schools before the end of February.

WILS is a local 501c3 nonprofit volunteer organization that identifies outstanding high school sophomores leaders from throughout Wisconsin and provides them with the opportunity and encouragement to recognize and develop their leadership potential.

2021 marks the 44th straight year that our program will be offered at no cost to the schools or students! The annual seminar is an experience which we would like to keep open to as many schools as possible, so we work hard to ensure that students can participate in the seminar based their merit and not their socioeconomic means.

We encourage leadership development through emphasis on personal responsibility, service, inclusiveness, and decision making. WILS also has an active alumni association that meets throughout the year to provide opportunities for these young leaders to network with each other and volunteer in our communities.

Do you have a high school sophomore who shows leadership potential and excels at academics, athletics, arts, and/or community service? We think every sophomore class has at least one! Nominating a student leader to attend the Wisconsin Leadership Seminar (WILS) is an opportunity to recognize strong leadership skills and positive contributions while providing an avenue for student leaders to develop their skills and use their talents. We invite you to nominate one student (plus an alternate) who already exhibits positive leadership qualities in their school and community and/or shows leadership potential that may simply need some added encouragement.

The students selected to attend are provided this opportunity because they have demonstrated themselves to be responsible citizens in their community and thoughtful individuals in their school. In our society, a great deal of attention and media exposure is given to young adults who act negatively. WILS is set up to provide recognition and growth opportunities to students who act positively and acknowledge that we value their contributions made now and those they will make in the future.

We invite you to select one outstanding student from your sophomore class to attend the 2021 Wisconsin Leadership Seminar. Nominations will open in February, 2021. Please do not pass up this opportunity to reward an excellent student from your school! The method by which you make this selection is entirely up to you. Please select a student who is a sophomore in the 2020-21 school year. If there is already a nomination process at your school, fabulous! If not, take a bit of time now to determine what you feel to be the best criteria for selection of the nominee from your school. Past leaders have excelled academically, in athletics, extra-curricular activities, or volunteer service. The choice is up to you. It is a leadership seminar, and our goal is to cultivate those leadership qualities in the person you nominate. Please look for an exceptional student who you believe represents the leadership potential of your student body.

Don’t wait; begin your nomination process today!

Once your nomination has been processed you will receive a confirmation email. Students will also be notified by email within a few weeks of their nomination and receive more program details and registration information. 

We are very excited about having an outstanding 2021 seminar with double the students and working with you many years into the future!

Questions about this year’s seminar? Contact our seminar chair at seminarchair@wils.us.